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An innovative AgTech company that offers pioneering solutions to address key, unresolved agronomic, and environmental challenges.

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An innovative, safe, and effective treatment for citrus greening

Over the last 15 years and growing, the citrus industry has been in a fight for its very existence, suffering from an untreatable disease known as citrus greening. A bacteria that is lethal to citrus—known as HLB and transmitted by psyllids that arrived in a shipment of citrus from China—is the cause. 

Eradicating the bacteria is the cure.

TerMir has developed the first fully effective solution for breaking the bacterial disease cycle with the potential to eradicate citrus greening: Ichor, a patented formulation of human safe pigment compounds and surfactants. 


A novel biological herbicide portfolio of products, based on a series of plant extracts, to control weeds and enhance crop growth

Weeds are a long-standing problem, aggressively hindering crop production by competing with plants for key resources.

The Harpe portfolio offers biological herbicides with new modes & sites of action that can be used alone or in combination with any currently available herbicides.

Harpe provides a safe and natural approach to rid crops and landscaping of weeds while supporting farmers’ need to overcome weeds resistant to currently available synthetic herbicides products. 

Incredible Talent

Led by incredible talent with multiple years’ experience in the agronomic market space, and supported by world-renowned advisors, TerMir pioneers solutions to address key, unsolved agronomic and environmental challenges.

We deliver powerful new technologies and a deep understanding of agriculture that enable strategic partners across the value chain to provide effective and efficient commercial environmentally sensitive products that will tackle the greatest challenges facing agriculture today.