Creating Earth solution at a time

An innovative AgTech company that offers pioneering solutions to address key, unresolved agronomic and environmental challenges

TerMir Logo

"Earth Miracles"

Our name derives from terra miracula or earth miracles

Advancing Agriculture Through Innovation

At TerMir, we believe that advancing agriculture through innovative technology is an essential step in solving the world’s greatest challenges.

The global population is growing, diets are transforming and, at the same time, resource constraints are increasing. Never has so much been asked of agriculture to meet society’s growing needs.

Over the next 40 years alone, the agriculture industry will need to generate outputs that are equivalent to its total production over the last 10,000 years. New innovations and innovators are needed to advance agriculture so it can meet these ever-increasing global demands. 

Incredible Talent

Chad Brommer
David Swintosky
Ian Cottrell

Led by incredible talent with multiple years’ experience in the agronomic market space, and supported by world-renowned advisors, TerMir pioneers solutions to address key, unsolved agronomic and environmental challenges.

We deliver powerful new technologies and a deep understanding of agriculture that enable strategic partners across the value chain to provide effective and efficient commercial environmentally sensitive products that will tackle the greatest challenges facing agriculture today.

Initial Project

TerMir’s initial project under development is focused on addressing citrus greening—the most devastating challenge the global market has ever seen